6 things to know about female hair loss

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Hair is a precious asset to women; it is their favorite pass time. On a good day, you will find women spending much time with caring for their hair; combing, brushing, time spent in the salon, and generally worshipping it. Yes, they do that, when a lady is spotted the first thing you notice is her hair and God help you if you do not acknowledge her effort by commenting on how wonderful her hair looks etc. This condition is not restricted to women alone; men too give much attention to their hair though not as bad as women. Hair is a precious assets, it makes one stand out, a source of identity, beautifies the face, offer different looks, protect the sensitive areas of the head from heat and cold etc. So with these therefore any wonder why women worship their hair so to speak. For more information about the female hair, here are some tips about female hair loss.


6 things about female hair loss

50 out of hundred women in the age of menopause will experience hair loss because of hormonal shift, combined this with the normal expected 100 strands a day loss plus other causes of hair loss, it is important therefore to know all you can about hair loss especially the one that has to do with women, here are some important tips.


  1. Ever heard of permanent hair replacement? This is good news to women facing balding hair. If you have a bloodline hair loss problem and you are afraid of becoming a victim or are already one, this information will help you. The issues of hair transplant is a medical intervention to correct permanent hair loss, it is quite common, with many records of success stories. Anyway, this should be expected considering the fact that hair transplant is more than 30 years old.
  2. Hair transplant is good for women and in some cases are used to correct some hair loss problems in women
  3. Female hair loss (balding) takes place at the sides, and the back of the middle head and boy it looks unsightly!
  4. Laser hair removal can be used to successfully remove unwanted hair from different areas that you wouldn’t want hair growing from but it has its disadvantages.
  5. In women, laser hair removal can lead to outgrow of hair especially in the facial parts of the body
  6. 50 percent of women world wide faces the ugly looks of hair loss during menopause however, it can be treated using preventive and solution methods like protein and iron rich diets, homeopathy, herbs, rest, exercise, head massaging with essential oils etc.



Issues about female hair loss are the same with men except in very few cases mentioned above.

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