Can Homeopathy cure hair loss?

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The topic about if homeopathy and the possibility of curing hair loss is a very controversial one because homeopathy on its own as a medical intervention is yet to be acceptable only just gaining grounds gradually within small sect of people. The argument against homeopathy is usually the claim of no side effects. Expert argues that there is hardly anything that goes into the body that does not trigger a reaction or invite reaction from the body. Even food, if taken in excess and wrongly can lead to bad condition, how much more, homeopathy. However, despite this argument, different testimonies are popping up here and there, each confirming the importance of homeopathy in fighting hair loss. What exactly is homeopathy, does it really work as people declare?


What is homeopathy?


This is a type of natural medicine that involves using much diluted preparation consisting of the possible cause of ailments in treating health cases. In the case of hair loss, if homeopathy is applied, it will have to be done via using the cause of ailment; take it through combining with water in multi mixture as high as 1000 times. The idea is to use the causative material as an anecdote to the real ailment like hair loss. It should be noted that mixtures prepared are in synch with the ailment to effectively become a cure. Homeopathy is not only a noise; it has been proven by scientific methods that homeopathy is very effective much more than placebo. The principle of homeopathy is based on the law of similars. The law of similars was first stated by Samuel Hahnemann (a German physician) in the year 1796. It states that “let like be cured by like”. The remedies are usually prepared using serial dilution and pressurized shaking. Each preparation must be followed by a severe shake or succession. Each dilution is expected to produce the effective result required for treatment to become successful or effective. When the original particles diluted with water cease to remain homeopathy is officially said to be completed and ready for administration.


From the above explanation it is clear that homeopathy really works. Generally, apart from the fact that scientist have declared the efficacy of homeopathy remedy, it can also be explained logically. To be candid, human are made with natural parts and in the principle of synchronization it is only normal to pursue nature with nature, spiritual with spiritual, physical with physical etc. It therefore goes out of the norm, when a natural problem occurs like hair loss and one is busy looking for laboratory made remedies for treatments and prevention, though it may work but for a while and thereafter it starts chains of reaction in the body.


So, if you are considering using homeopathy as a cure for hair loss, you are on the right course but you must exercise patience, because homeopathy treatment is gradual but eventually does the work effectively.

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