Issues That Can Cause Hair Loss

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According to the evolution of man, the human hair evolved from the fur of mammalian skin and it is a kind of amazement that human hair is sparser than its originator. The purpose of the information is to let you know that intrinsically, human hair are less than it is suppose to be and additionally, it is normal for humans to lose at-least 100 hairs delay, but anything nore than that is abnormal. So because of these reasons hair loss in some cases should not be seen as a major problem, it however constitutes a great alarm if it falls above the expected quantity. Would you want to protect your air from excessive hair loss? Then you need to know exactly what causes hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

1. Combing: It is natural to stretch the strands of hair by either brushing or combing, when this happen some hair strands come off in the process leading to some hair loss. If the hair is not properly maintained or prone to dropping, the number of strands that will come off in the process will be more than expected and that is abnormal.

2. Hereditary: In the case of hereditary, the cause of hair loss is pinned in the gene. Meaning it is handed from generation to generation. If you have a bald grandfather, there is a tendency that you will grow bald and probably pass it to your son(s). The same goes for women prone to thinning of hair, a check down the family tree might uncover the cause of the problem. So hereditary is a major cause of hair loss because it creates a pattern in the family genesis.

3. Stress: This is another reason why people suffer hair problem like hair loss, hair damage, hair breakage etc. Physical stress, illness, high fever, surgery are some of the stress related causes that triggers hair loss

4. Chemotherapy: this is a medical treatment adopted for the destruction of cancer cells. One of its major set back is the damage of hair molecules that leads to hair dropping.

5. Self induced causes: Some people are fond of applying unnecessary force on the hair causing pressure on the root, which leads to uprooting of hair strands from the scalp, example: wearing of braids, pony tails, pulling hair tightly to the back or sides, applying dyes and curling irons are some of the reasons for hair dropping problems.

6. Age induced hair loss: Aging also share in the reasons for hair loss. The reason is because as one gets older they grow less hair and besides this, the hair also becomes thinner and likely to break easily.

7. Unstable diet: Science has been able to prove that there is a correlation between hair performance and diet. The better the diet, the healthier your hair tend to grow. For instance protein, iron etc, are some of the essential elements required for quality hair performance.

Other causes include scalp infections like: ringworm, thyroid disease, change in hormonal level during human phases like pregnancy, menopause etc.

There are many causes of hair loss, the lists in this article are by far inexhaustible but they are the basic and most common causes for hair loses.

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