Hair Loss And Its Dilemas

Posted by admin on March 21, 2012 under Hair Loss | Comments are off for this article

Hair can be a part of most people lives whether you are rich or poor. Hair loss can cause dramatic changes in people’s lifestyles and appearance depending on the individual themselves, for example a woman losing her hair is like losing her femininity. For men it’s obviously so much easier to cope with hair loss as many males just shave their heads and are not too concerned about hair loss and take it as a fact of nature taking its course. This obviously is not the case for all men who are shedding the hair, as many people look for the best treatment for hair loss. With the range of treatments for hair loss, whether then be drugs/medication (herbal or man made), hair stimulus treatments or even hair transplants for the extreme fix to hair loss. The remedies out there are endless but there results and costs differ incredibly. Everyone wants to stop dihydrotesterone (DHT) killing our hair follicles so we can retain the coverage of hair we have today before we lose more hair follicles. Many hair restoration clinics claim they have the answer to hair loss or to even stop the further deterioration of your hair but many do what they claim. The only guaranteed treatment for hair loss is the surgical route when hair is removed from the rear of your head and replaced to the affected arrears of thinness. The issue with this sort of procedure is the cost associated with the treatment and the quality of the work. As this type of surgery is an “art” no two surgery results are the same.

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