Hair Loss in the United Kingdom

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Hair loss is a problem which has been faced by many of the males all around the world, and even in the United Kingdom. Just imagine, how would you like to see yourself in mirror with almost seventy five percent of your head slowly becoming bald. It may be funny to think about, but it is a major and a serious problem for those that it affects.

​Major hair loss occurs when there is some sort of health related or cosmetic problems. This is due to certain side effects of frequent use of shampoos, unusual diet and other health factors. There is also a common belief that an overdose of certain powerful drugs can also result in baldness. This form of hair loss which results in baldness or shedding of hair anywhere on the body is known as Telogen Effluvian. Even certain studies have proved that smoking and consumption of alcoholic products are also responsible for hair loss.

​Depression is also a major factor among both men and women which results in hair loss. It is found in a study that the hereditary factors are also responsible in certain cases of hair loss. Major factors which are responsible for hair loss are Anemia, due to deficiency of iron, and a Goiter, due to the deficiency of Iodine in food or an under active thyroid.

It was also found in the latest study which proved that,up to a certain degree,the baldness in men is due to their testoserone levels. This hormone is responsible for the growth of hair on the skin of a male, such as a beard or a mustache, but also there is good evidence of baldness due to the over sensitivity of hormones.

There are many options available on the market which trys to help with the reducing of baldness. HairTransplant Surgery is one of these options.This usually provides the possibility of a long term solution for your hair loss problems. This not cheap and requires a specialist surgeon that is quite experienced in this field.

The second option that you can choose to use is the use of drugs. There are several medications available on the market that are tested and suggested by several dermatologists, like Minoxidil lotion and Finasteride. But there are adverse side effects of using these medicines as well. You have to use Minoxidil everytime otherwise the new hair that grew may fall off if you stop using this medication.

Hair loss can be a touchy subject for most males that are experiencing this. But what they should know is that this is not their fault, and that it does not make them any less of a man. It’s just nature.

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